Sports & Recreation

Sports & Recreation

Our sports and recreation programs provide you with opportunities to take part in a variety of creative classes, community-based workshops, physical activities and excursions.  



Rohingya Football Club (RFC): RFC is A Rohingya team building process, using the magic of football to give Rohingya a voice at the international stage. RFC has players from diverse communities across the Region of Waterloo. RFC plays in different semi-professional leagues around the province of Ontario.

This brief introduction outlines the laying down of the foundation for the transformation of the RFC that requires financial and logistical support to sustain and run its activities, some of the major areas of sponsoring and funding facilities are – field rental fees, buying equipment, and sports kits. Other areas that also need financial support are transportation, management, participation fees in tournaments and leagues.

RFC is recognized and featured worldwide for its noble initiative. Benefits of being a sponsor are that it will give a positive boost to your peace of mind, in addition to advertising your brand, organization or company or your name in our events and materials. Brand exposure on the jersey, kits, website, and our social media that are watched by millions. Most importantly, sponsorship will give hope and build a brighter future for Rohingya youth in Canada. Being a sponsor, you are giving hope and opportunity to the Rohingya youth who are demonstrating that good exists.

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