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We are Refugee led

organization that understands the value of refugees and newcomers and their actual need when they arrived. 



Assessing needs and prioritizing a settlement plan for newcomers



Providing community with information that needs most



working with service providing agencies to help refugees & newcomers

we aren't afraid of trying new things

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The Settlement and Integration Program assists immigrants and refugees through the provision of multilingual and multicultural services in order to facilitate their successful adaptation and integration processes in Canada.

Our team works with a broad range of community service providers and partners to enhance collective community settlement and integration capacities and to sensitize the mainstream services providers to be more responsive to the needs of newcomers in the Region of Waterloo.

Our team will accompany newcomers to the Region of Waterloo by:

  • Assessing needs and building a settlement plan with newcomers.
  • Helping them find information and orientation on education, employment, social services, financial literacy, housing, health system, legal system and more.
  • Referring them to available services and/or specific services in the community based on their needs.
  • Providing them with information and orientation on immigration, citizenship and sponsorship procedures, including Group of Five sponsorship.
  • Supporting them and their families in their overall well-being and advocating for their rights.
  • Inviting them to social opportunities as individuals, families and seniors.

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