Language Services



We help with English to Rohingya & Rohingya to English Translation


We have professionally trained interpreters to support you


We help test Rohingya langauge specially for the agencies 


We conduct training on Rohingya Language & English


We support with Rohingya language interpretation


We recently helped to develop a test for Test. 

One of the main challenges that Rohingya community face in Canada is language services

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LANGUAGE SERVICES: Since the first batch of Rohingya families arrived from Bangladesh refugee camps in 2006, the Rohingya community has become one of the fastest-growing communities in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Alberta. As of today, approximately 650 Rohingyas are living in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario alone. Since then, the biggest problem they face daily in integrating life in Canada has been the language barrier.

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